PSE Success Stories

PSE Success Stories:

In 2013, 384 students were graduated and have a job today. In 20 years PSE have seen many stuedents accomplish their goals, improve their life. Here are the portraits of three of them:

Ms. Sem Savy, graduated in 2006

Ms. Sem Savy-Alumni

She is working at British American Tobacco (Cambodia) limited, as a Talent Executive. I was graduated in 2006, specializing in Administration and Accounting from PSE Vocational Training Center. In 2011, I pursued my Bachelor of Business in the field of accounting and finance at National Institute of Business.

“I am proud of myself that I was able to overcome from the difficulty situation that I faced before with the strong support of PSE. Without PSE, there would be no me today. I would like to encourage the next generations of students at PSE not to give up your study although you may have problems with your family or study since life is always up and down, but we have to learn from our failures, and we have to overcome it by sharing with someone you trust, getting their advice and setting your clear goal on what you want to be in the future. “

Mr. Dul Khemara, graduated in 2009


Dul Khemara is a coordinator for former students at PSE. He is very involved in PSE Life. Volunteer to during every holidays, involve in extra scholar activities… we spend ;ost of this time in the center since he first walk in in 2003.

« I am 30 years old and I began to study to PSE in 2003. I took Business training and after my graduation I began to work in Siem Reap. I was a secretary in an organization. I lived in the center and I was very lucky ! I really like the environment here. People are friendly, food is delicious and we can find all the main things about our culture. After 4 years I had to return in Phnom Penh because my father needed me. Now I work for PSE as a coordinator for former students. When I began to study to PSE we didn’t have enough material, teachers…So we had to work hard and complete our training in librairies. PSE improves every year, they try their best to provide everything the kids need to study. We can always do more and I want to be a part of it and contribute to improve PSE. »

Mr. Phearum Khen,graduated in 2005

PSE-ALUMNI-Phearum Khen

After 8 years studying at PSE center in Phnom Penh, Phearum graduated in 2005 in photography and Steadicam film. He became one of our best teachers in PSE film school and continues to practice his passion: photography.In October 2014, he won the Dining Photo Contest organized by NIKON in Phnom Penh. Among 100 participants, he reached the first prize and won his first camera, one of his dreams.

“If you want success, you must work hard, very hard …. I want to take this opportunity to thank PSE, Papy and Mamy and my teachers for their support. I won this award with the PSE camera, now I’ll use mine to support PSE and capture the beauty of my country. ”




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